Technology Platform
Amenity Suites is built on a revolutionary new Technology Platform that gives it a clear competitive advantage.  That platform consists of technologies developed by our Founder (Jason Van Sickle) while living in Silicon Valley.  Each technology is a standalone tech company that supports our mission to create lower cost and higher quality housing.  That mission is achieved through advanced data analytics, comprehensive project modeling, crowdfunded investment opportunities, and property management innovations.

Below are links to our technology partners. provides advanced data analytics - the comprehensive and reliable data that fuels our project models.  The models are provided by, which provides high quality pro forma project models. provides a range of investment opportunities in Amenity Suites projects, as the world's first crowdfunding platform dedicated to housing development.

Our focus on technology and innovation continues well beyond the development phase.  As we build our live/stay/work communities, they become part of our industry leading property management model.  That model includes technologies like AmenityMobile, which is pioneering amenities-as-a-service for the multifamily and hospitality industries.

For more information about our technology partners, click the links below.
Technology Partners