Investment Opportunities
Each Amenity Suites property is set up as its own real estate investment.  A company (an LLC) is formed by Amenity Suites Development, to include Development Partners and Equity Investors.  That means the development of each Amenity Suites location comes with investment opportunities.

As owner-partners in every project, we work hard to ensure each project's profitability.  From design and construction to ongoing operations, our mixed use revenue streams combine with cost controls to contribute to success.  It's all based on a data driven approach to development.

Our revenue model creates diversified revenue streams through apartment rents, hotel revenue, and amenity profit centers.  Our cost controls minimize upfront construction costs, which reduces long-term debt.  All of that feeds into an operating model with lower costs and higher income.

Another important component to achieving financial success is the structure of a project's capital stack.  Short-term private loans provide bridge financing for our projects during construction and stabilization.  Private funding is then replaced with long-term, fixed-rate debt.

To show how all of the pieces come together, we provide investors with in-depth project and financial plans.  Plans that outline construction costs, funding structures, income and expenses, and financial projections.  All information is data driven and dedicated to full project transparency.

When it comes to investment options, Amenity Suites presently offers two primary types of investments:  Equity and Private Loans.  An Equity Investor is someone who invests cash in return for ownership.  Here is a more information about Equity Investments:
The other option is a Private Loan.  Private Loans reduce risk, because they do not share the financial and legal liability of ownership.  However, the return is limited to the interest rate defined in the loan.  Here is a more information about Private Loans:
Regardless of the investment type (equity or loans) every Amenity Suites investors must qualify as an Accredited Investor.

All investment opportunities offered by any company must comply Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) rules and regulations.  Amenity Suites investments are designed to comply with SEC Rule 506(c).  That requires investors to be Accredited investors.

An "Accredited Investor" is defined as an individual who: For a more information about Rule 506(c), visit:
For a more information about Accredited Investors, visit:
If you are considering the opportunity to invest in an Amenity Suites project, then the next step is learning more about Amenity Suites.  Below are two brief (10-minute) introductory presentations.  The first video introduces our Founder and how he created Amenity Suites.  The second video provides an introduction to the Amenity Suites brand.
Let us know if you qualify as an Accredited Investor and want to learn more about investing in Amenity Suites projects.  If you were referred to this site by someone associated with Amenity Suites, then work with that person to contact us about investment opportunities.  If you found this site on your own, then please use the form below to contact us.



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