Development Partners
Amenity Suites believes that housing should be built with local stakeholders.  When we enter new markets, our first goal is finding Development Partners.  Development Partners are individuals and businesses with strong networks of local contacts.

It is especially important that a Development Partner have a strong network of potential investors, because we believe in local ownership.  The capital stack (the funding) for our projects comes from investors and banks.  We strive to fill that capital stack with local investment.

A Development Partner in an Amenity Suites project is responsible for helping to connect with investors.  The Development Partner brings in potential investors, and we educate and onboard those investors.  It is a true partnership and team effort.

All investors brought in by Development Partners must be Accredited Investors.  Development Partners are not required to be Accredited Investors, because they are not required to invest cash.  A Development Partner receives "sweat equity" (ownership) in return for their work.

Investors must qualify as Accredited Investors, because every investment in any business must comply with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations.  Our projects comply with SEC Rule 506(c), which only allows Accredited Investors.  The SEC defines an Accredited Investor as someone who:
For a more information about Rule 506(c), visit:
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Since a Development Partner helps to promote Amenity Suites to potential investors, it is important that our Development Partners believe in our mission and our brand.  To provide insights into our history and our business, below are two brief (10-minute) introductory presentations.  The first is an introduction to our Founder and how he created Amenity Suites.  The second is an introduction to our development model and brand.
If you see the potential in Amenity Suites, and want to learn more about becoming a Development Partner, the let us know.  If someone associated with Amenity Suites referred you to this site, then they can schedule a meeting with our development team.  If you found this site on your own, then please use the form below to contact us.



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