About Us
Amenity Suites was created by Jason Van Sickle, who is a professional real estate analyst turned developer.  Jason's 20-year journey to developing Amenity Suites was driven by a determination to create lower cost and higher quality housing, based on data and technology driven innovation.  It is a journey that includes cross-disciplinary studies, 60,000 pages of research and analysis, and 47,000 miles of insights.
Amenity Suites is building the first national apartment brand, which is focused on creating lower cost, higher quality, amenity rich, live/stay/work communities.  Our model is unique, because most developers focus on luxury apartments to get the highest rents or use government subsidies to build low-income housing.  Amenity Suites focuses on creating high quality housing for the average renter.
To support its mission, Amenity Suites has created a revolutionary set of technologies for housing development.  Those game changing technologies make up the Amenity Suites Technology Platform.  For more information, visit our Technology page.

Our focus on innovation influences every aspect of our business model, including our approach to development.  To insure quality and promote innovation, every project involves local teams of talented owner-partners.  Those teams include Development Partners (who make local introductions), Project Partners (contractors, architects, and engineers), and Equity Partners (investors).

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